Friday, September 21, 2012

Attack of the Mini Shreds!

These days I do a lot of judging throughout August and September as the major competitions roll into town. I just finished a period where I judged a FIS World Cup Halfpipe, the NZ Open Slopestyle & Halfpipe, and then the Big Mountain Freeride World Tour Qualifier at the Remarkables.
The level of competitive skiing is going through a highly progressive period at the moment. It is nothing short of mind-blowing what people are capable of doing on skis these days, and this is no more apparent than at the lowest end of the competitive scale – the juniors. The talent and fearless attitude of the next generation of competitors scares me sometimes!

The Pump Mini Mountain has now quickly become one of my favourite events to judge. So many smiles, so much energy and stoke, fantastic supportive parents and lots and lots of teeny tiny little mini shredders whose skills put us all to shame!
This year was even better than last year. The kids completed 3 runs on 2 different coursed and really got to show their skills.

The day started in the fog down below as the pesky southeasterly flow was blowing cloud onto the lower mountain. Game faces were on though, and the kids were ready to charge!

Eventually the low cloud burnt off and we were able to run both courses, with NZ’s Extreme skiing legend Geoff Small leading the judging team on the lower course.

The level of skiing was nothing short of amazing. Confident turns, airs and lots of tricks! We even had a stomped backflip right in front of us! A little man on the smallest tele setup I have ever seen really impressed me with his telemark technique, which requires a lot of strength and precise balance. And then bottom right was my secret favourite, who had just turned 5 and whose bib went below his knees!

When all was said and done the kids gathered on the patio and waited eagerly for prizegiving. All reacted differently to what was a big day for them. Some needed a well-earned nap on mum’s lap, others a cuddle from the TC cat!

The job of tabulating scores for 70 competitors doing 3 runs each was a massive one, but well done to the crew at TC who got results out in lightening speed, as the masses on the patio started to get restless.
I was a little scared when the kids started throwing gang-signs, consuming sugar in copious amounts, and tearing the place down!

But then Klaus got control of the situation and happy faces eagerly awaited results and bibs were handed back in.

I absolutely loved yesterday, and it’s a pleasure to watch these kids out there doing what they obviously love to do. Even if some of them were a bit shy when the spotlight was on them, I was never short of a smile!

Thanks TC, and all the sponsors who help make this event happen, and check out the Daily Dump Snow Report’s video of the day, which features future rockstar Finn Bilous!!

PUMP Mini Mountain 2012@ Treble Cone 16th Sep, Day 41 from The Daily Dump Snow Report on Vimeo.

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